An Emerging User-led Participatory Methodology: Mapping Impact Pathways of Urban Food System Sustainability Innovations

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Veronica Bonomelli, Elodie Valette, Kerstin Schreiber, Damien Conaré, Alison Blay-Palmer, Nicolas Bricas, Denis Sautier, Olivier Lepiller
Taylor & Francis (Routledge)

Dans l'ouvrage " Sustainable Food System Assessment: Lessons from Global Practice", Blay-Palmer, A., Conaré, D., Meter, K., Di Battista, A. et Johnston, C. (Eds.).


This chapter presents an emerging effort to develop a participatory mapping methodology that will illuminate the pathways through which sustainable urban food systems achieve lasting impact. Carried out in collaboration with Està (Economia e Sostenibilità), the UNESCO Chair in World Food System (at Montpellier SupAgro), CIRAD (French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) and the LCSFS (Laurier Center for Sustainable Food Systems), this initiative aims to provide an alternative to quantitative tools that lack precision at the local level, and to qualitative approaches holding a narrow focus that may obscure broader systemic dynamics. This URBAL project focuses on innovations in consumer practices, value-chains, and governance by examining 12 case studies in eight cities in the Global South and North.